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Eureka Benevolent Foundation is a family foundation that partners with individuals, families and communities, and with other like-minded organisations, to address and overcome disadvantage.

We focus on early childhood and education, and on disadvantage in the developing world, seeking to influence and empower lasting change.

We seek change at scale, and therefore seek to extend the impact of our resources through partnership. We invest to achieve measurable impact through outcomes that are valued by the people we work with.

Our Impact Areas

Early Childhood

We invest in early childhood to provide solid foundations for children to learn, flourish and prosper across their lives.

With a focus on evidence-based practice and systemic change, our partnerships aspire to improve development and learning outcomes for young children experiencing disadvantage.


We believe investing in education is one of the most powerful ways to create positive, lasting change.

Our ambition is to improve educational outcomes across Australia through innovative programs that help all children reach their potential. 

Ending Poverty

Our investments have supported powerful work across the world focused on community resilience, empowerment and ending poverty.

We are committed to creating lasting, measurable impact for a more equal world.


We’ve been grant-making for over 15 years and are continually evolving our approach to best meet the needs of the communities we partner with. We provide long-term strategic grants in the areas of early childhood, education and ending poverty with a view to building lasting partnerships to help achieve our mission. 

We typically run an open-grant round in one of our impact areas annually. In 2023, we ran an education grant round. 

In addition to our strategic grants, we make occasional proactive grants in alignment with our mission.