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Welcome to Eureka Benevolent Foundation

Our mission is to empower enduring positive change for individuals, families, and their communities.

Eureka Benevolent Foundation is a family foundation that invests for systemic change to lessen social disadvantage.  We focus on disadvantage in early childhood, in education and in the developing world.

MFCo Philanthropy manages the foundation.

The foundation makes gifts that are consistent with its humanitarian mission to organisations that are endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as both a Deductible Gift Recipient and a Tax Concession Charity.

For more information about the Foundation, please contact:

Mr Simon Lewis
Head of Philanthropy
The Myer Family Company
Level 7, 171 Collins Street
Tel: +61 3 9207 3000

Ms Sarah Metcalf
Foundation Manager
The Myer Family Company
Suite 1, Level 30, 9 Castlereagh Street
Tel: +61 2 9224 7627  


Eureka Benevolent Foundation
ABN 11 470 885 302